Welcome to River Run Fellowship. We are a community of people of different ages and cultures brought together because of our passion for Jesus Christ.

We are based in the city of Peterborough Ontario Canada in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes.

You will see we are more than an assortment of meetings and activities. We enjoy genuine friendship, engaging worship, clear Bible teaching and offering hope to those around us.

Want to know more about us? Look around our website or get in touch with us. We would love to meet you.


River Run’s leadership currently includes a wide team of people working together to see God change lives. They are led by a plurality of qualified local elders, with one having a presiding role among them. Together we welcome support from trans-local ministries and in particular those within our family of churches, Acts 20:28-32



Lead Elder

Our lead elder Stephen Best and his wife Cindy have been involved in church leadership for more than thirty years. It is Stephen’s hope to see a growing Spirit-filled community rooted in New Testament practice, influencing Peterborough and touching the world. He is responsible for the overall vision of the church and leading the elder’s team.

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres

Worship Leader

Fernando Torres and his wife Esther are from Lima Peru and have been serving internationally in church leadership for many years. While Fernando is an experienced and gifted worship leader, he and Esther also diligently serve in pastoral and outreach activities.


River Run relates to the Common Ground family of churches based in North America. We value the New Testament practice of local churches sharing and working together within the context of apostolic teams.

Common Ground is a family of churches led by Stephen Best and others who comprise the apostolic team. The team serves a growing number of churches in North and South America, and partners with Christ Central Churches (led by Jeremy Simpkins) who work with over 130 churches throughout the UK, Canada, Zambia and other parts of the world.

Christ Central Churches is a part of Newfrontiers, which was once led by Terry Virgo. Newfrontiers is now described as a group of apostolic leaders (representing teams) partnering together on global mission. They are joined together by common values, a shared mission, and genuine relationships. There are currently approximately 1,500 churches around the world that work with a number of different Newfrontiers teams.



Rather than a building or a denomination, we see the church as a living demonstration of Jesus. People of all ages or backgrounds are invited to be a part of Christ’s growing and diverse family called the Church. With the help of Christ’s gifts, the church is built on New Testament principles that reflect in every member becoming mature and functional in their daily witness and activities, Eph. 4:11-16.


We want to give life away by engaging our friends, family and world with the love of Christ, and helping them to live fully for him, Mt. 28:19-20.


We are committed to teaching repentance, faith in God, water baptism, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and prayer all of which are essential for life, Heb. 6:1-3.


We appreciate authentic worship where we encounter God’s presence. His presence gives us encouragement and confirmation from the Word, and through the use of spiritual gifts, Rom. 12:1-2, 1 Cor. 12, Gal. 5:25.


We desire for heaven’s greatness to touch earth. Jesus envisioned righteousness, peace, and joy influencing all aspects of society through creative thinking, faith-filled action, and authentic living, Rom. 14:17.


We enjoy practical preaching and teaching of God’s word that equips and empowers us to live like Christ at home, at work, and in the world, Heb. 4:12.


We are excited about being the family of God. This means we are less excited about doing church and more committed to loving each other, getting together, being generous, forgiving, and being hospitable, Rom. 12:9-13.

Community Outreach

We want the Peterborough area to experience Jesus. Several times a year we organize and host events that connect friends and neighbours with River Run. They are fun and meaningful times that include student lunches, community breakfasts, BBQ’s, children’s parties, etc.